from 38m3 to 62m3


Type : tipper
Frame : steel
Body : aluminum
Vehicle to carry: agricultural crops, construction materials, light aggregate
Useful lenght:from 8,60 m to 10,70 mm
Weight: from 5 500 kg

• double aluminum continuous welding profile walls
• high-quality aluminum alloy floor – 7 mm
• reinforcements inside the box
• light, high strength steel chassis
• universal back door
• toolbox
• aluminium bumper
• inner width – 2,46 m



The MEGA LIGTH semi-trailer with a flap-door closure is the most universal vehicle in the ML family. Thanks to the use of double-leaf doors with pneumatic closing (additional option), the semi-trailer can transports crops, agricultural produce, or small aggregates can also be used to carry pallets.
The components supplying by the world’s leading manufacturers: Hyva or Binotto, Edbro – actuator, Knorr – Bremse, Wabco, Haldex – pneumatics, or SAF or JOST – axles, significantly improve the comfort of use and extend the service life of our vehicles.
ML3 KD can be additionally equipped with a pneumatic unloading system GR-2 Heitling or JK-3 MHS II, which shall ensure quick and effective unloading to silos or warehouses at the distance from the vehicle’s parking place. Unloading speed – from 0.9 m3 / m (GR-2) to 1.26 m3 / min (JK-3).

• electrical sliding roof
• ULTRALIGHT packet: light cylinder, rims, tank, and landing legs made of aluminum
• LED lighting
• two axles lifted
• vibrator
• any color compatible with RAL
• color of tarpaulin according to the template

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