Timber transport semi-trailer


Type: timber transport semi-trailer
Cargo space:
steel stanchions
Vehicle for carry:
timber, long timber
Usable  length: 13.6 m
Usable height: from 2.10 m to 2.60 m
Weight: from 6000 kg

• aluminum front wall
• solid or light (openwork) floor
• toothed base of the stanchions
• light high-quality steel frame
• internal width – 2.24 m
• cargo handles
• a ladder connecting the front wall with the first stanchions
• aluminum covers of the water tank
• 10 pairs of steel stanchions that can be extended


MEGA offers two types of MEGA TIMBER LONG – light and standard semi-trailers for transporting timber and long timber. In the light version, an openwork floor was used, where only aluminum covers are mounted over the pneumatic elements and sliding beams, the so-called “paws”. In both semi-trailers, we install aluminum front walls, which have been tested for compliance with the requirements of PN-EN-12642 and have confirmed their resistance to the load pressure of 10 tons.
Semi-trailers from the MEGA TIMBER group have proven themselves in difficult, forested terrain for many years, thanks to the durable structure of the frame and the front wall.

• light steel stanchions with the possibility of extension
• additional movable handles for securing the load
• additional side handles
• two lifting axles
• aluminum rims

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