For over a dozen years, the MEGA brand has been recognized in our country and abroad as one of the leading Polish manufacturers of semi-trailers (dumper trucks), timber transport vehicles and axles for trailers and semi-trailers.
Manufacture of commercial vehicles, axles and bodies including, among others self-unloading, takes place in Nysa – a town located 70 km from Wrocław. The plant has an area of 140,000 m2 and employs many qualified specialists, thanks to which at the agreed time our employees provide high-quality solutions, parts and materials.

Since 2017 MEGA has been a part of the BENALU group. It is a brand that has its beginnings in 1967, when Hubert Pora and Dominique Bonduelle decided to start manufacture of innovative and developed according to their own concept – aluminum tippers. Currently, BENALU is a leader in design and creation of industrial groupage transport vehicles, and also is a company that is a part of the Arcole Industries holding company (www.arcole-industries.com) with a turnover of over € 140 million a year. The group includes the following companies: Benalu, Bennes Marrel, Maisonneuve and MEGA.

The production plants are located in Nysa (Poland), in Liévin, Andrézieux-Bouthéon, Cérences (France) and employ over 1,200 people. As a group, we offer a wide range of “steel” and “aluminum” vehicles, including universal ones, with large volumes, enabling transport of bulk materials (silos), semi-trailers with movable floors or intermodal (combined) vehicles.


Support you every day to help you increase your productivity.

Provide you with durable and modern vehicles that meet your expectations.

Optimize your costs – lower weight = higher payload = higher profit

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Our mission – to become a quality leader in the industry

Our goal: Optimization, Efficiency, Quality. We change the face … of transport.


Light semi-trailer – thanks to the high-quality materials used for production, the weight of the vehicle has been significantly reduced, which directly translates into savings of transport companies – they can carry more cargo and use less fuel on the way back without a load.


Transporting timber from forest to the final destination is possible with stanchion semi-trailers and trailers. Design changes that reduce weight, have increased the flexibility of the structure, making it more durable to use in extreme conditions.


Mario 2 is an innovative trailer dedicated to farmers, in a simple way coupling a tractor with a semi-trailer. By joining together, the semitrailer works as a multi-axle agricultural trailer – without the necessity to adapt.


Founding of the company „Nyska odlewnia żeliwa i Zakład Budowy Maszyn”
(Nysa Iron Foundry and Machine Construction Plant)


Founding of the company “Weigelwerk A.G.”


ZUP – Industrial Equipment Works established on the premises of the destroyed factories


MEGA is created on the premises of ZUP.


The first RYNNA type semi-trailer.


We are the first on the Polish market to launch a trolley named MARIO for production.


Introduction of the MegaLight trailer. The company’s answer to market needs.


10th Anniversary of our Company.


The BENALU Group takes over the MEGA Commercial Vehicles Production Plant in Poland to expand its operations to the countries of the Eastern Europe.