We manufacture semi-trailers, stake trailers as well as agricultural carts

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steel box

Timber vehicles/
stake trailers


MEGA mission – to become the quality leader in our industry

We are a manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The beginning of industrial machines production in our manufacturing plant is dated back to 1872. Since 2017, without losing our Polish character, we have become part of the international Benalu Group. This merger opens a new chapter of our company, that creates a new quality of product. With the implementation of modern technology, it gives us the opportunity to offer you vehicles with which you will cover every route, deliver every type of cargo safely with on time delivery. The vehicles currently leaving our production plant in Nysa are newly designed, modernized and based on components from leading global suppliers. In the production process, we use the best aluminium alloys as well as high-strength and high-resistant steel (including Hardox 450 steel).

Modern technologies allow us to create vehicles with a reduced curb weight while maintaining the required strength parameters. The growing trust in the MEGA brand could provide growth of export with approximately 80% of our production fulfilling the demands of our European and Global buyers.

Vehicles intended for export are tailored to specified regional customers’ requirements.

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